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This Sunday at Bristol . . . "Stopping Satan in His Tracks"

Anyone who has been a Christian for any length of time understands that life is a battleground and not a playground. Why? One word, Satan.
While he has succeeded in making people doubt his existence, he is very alive on Planet Earth. To prove this point, just look around at the natural and man made disasters in recent years. He knows his time is short and he will do everything possible to keep people from becoming Christians and he will do what is necessary to draw Christians away from the Lord.
So as Christians we must be aware of his tactics. We know the Bible says that sometimes he will approach us as “an angel of light” and other times as “a roaring lion.” So being vigilant is absolutely necessary.
There are several schemes he has used since the beginning of time. We will look at one of these strategies this Sunday that occurred in the life of Paul and the young church at Thessalonica.
Paul says that when he wanted to return to these believers (he was in Athen) that he was “hindered” (1 Thessalonians 2:18). Paul had the best of intentions of doing the will of God, but Satan threw up a roadblock and kept that from happening (at least the way Paul had planned).
What was true for Paul is true for us today. When we seek to do what is right often we are stymied. We intend to read the Bible and pray, but we are hindered. We plan to be regular in worship, but we are hindered. We desire to talk with our friends about Christ, but we are hindered. Every time we seek to follow the Lord, we can expect that Satan will try to derail our plans.
I look forward to seeing you Sunday as we continue this verse-by-verse study of 1 Thessalonians (our text for this week is 1 Thessalonians 2:17-3:5).
You are truly love in the Lord,
Pastor Terry



This Sunday at Bristol . . . "Communion Sunday"

This Sunday is Communion Sunday at Bristol and is always a special time.
The privilege of participating in the Lord’s Supper reminds us of all that Jesus has done for us in providing for our complete salvation. That small piece of bread and cup is a visual for us to remember that Jesus allowed His body to broken for us and His blood given to satisfy the penalty for sin. Thank you, Jesus!
Also, this Sunday we will be receiving a special offering for hurricane relief. It has been several weeks ago that the hurricanes pounded Houston and Florida and it is easy to forget those whosemlives have been altered and changed. For many it will be weeks and months (maybe years) for recovery to take place. Our offering will be used to help our churches who have been impacted. Thank you for caring!
I look forward to this Sunday and worshipping with you. What a great God we serve!
Do not forget that you are truly loved in the Lord,
Pastor Terry



This Sunday at Bristol . . . "There is Power in the Bible"

This Sunday we continue our current series, “A Snapshot of a Ready Church,” with lesson #6 from 1 Thessalonians 2:13-16.
The Bible is a unique and special book written in three languages over a time period of 1,600 years by forty authors who came from different backgrounds and nationalities. Yet, what is distinctive, is that the theme from beginning to end is the same. Miraculous? I would say so.
This Sunday we will read and study the words of the Apostle Paul to the new believers in Thessalonica as he writes to them about the power of the Word of God. He had the audacity to say that the gospel of Jesus was not a story from someone imagination, but the Bible is indeed the Word of God.
Did you know that the phrase, “Thus saith the Lord” or “The Lord says” is used over 2,600 times which tells me that when the Bible speaks, God speaks. And when God speaks, I had better listen.
I look forward to seeing you as we explore this fascinating subject. The title for this week’s message has it right, “There is Power in the Bible.” It would of great benefit if you took some time and read the verses several times.
Do not forget that you are truly loved in the Lord,
Pastor Terry

This Sunday at Bristol . . . "God's Way of Helping Us"

This Sunday we continue our current series, “A Snapshot of a Ready Church,” with lesson #5 and our text from 1 Thessalonians 2:5-12 (take a moment and read these verses).
The Lord cares for His people and one of the ways He does that is through the local church. This Sunday we will be reminded about the importance of the church. Throughout the New Testament the Lord used the local church in Ephesus, Corinth, Philippi, Thessalonica, and others to further His plan. He could have chosen some other way, but He chose to use a local body of believers.
Sadly, today some have chosen to ignore the church, even though they claim to be a Christian. They say they love Jesus, but cannot stand the church. But is that not like saying you enjoy skydiving, but do not like heights? Or, you love to swim, but do not like water? The cover of a Newsweek magazine read, “Forget the Church - Follow Jesus.” Is that possible?
Ever since the first century the church has played a key role in God’s plan to evangelize the world. And He uses hundreds of thousands of churches worldwide today, just like the one found in the robust city of Thessalonica, to make that happen.
There are benefits and opportunities of being connected to a local church and Paul mentions these in our Bible text for Sunday.
I look forward to seeing you as we explore this fascinating subject.
Do not forget that you are truly loved in the Lord,
Pastor Terry



This Sunday at Bristol . . . "Grandparent's Day

This often neglected special day first began in 1970 and was signed by President Jimmy Carter as an annual day in the United States to honor grandparents.
The impact of grandparents in world history is beyond calculation. In the Bible, often the grandparents played a key role, if not the major role, in the way history went. That is true as we look at the story of Naomi in the Book of Ruth this Sunday.
Before her grandson was born, Naomi’s life was filled with sadness. One trial after another followed her. There is a famine in Israel so she, her husband and two sons move to Moab where they become foreigners. Then  her husband dies and ten years later her two sons die which leads her to live a life of poverty. She then assumed the responsibility of caring for her daughter-in-law, Ruth, and works at getting her established in a home of her own. There is little joy until grandson Obed, the son of Ruth and Boaz, is born.
This sweet and simple story highlights the importance of grandparents and the power and influence they have on their grandchildren.
I am not aware of any story in the Bible that emphasizes any more strongly the importance of grandparents.
I look forward to seeing you Sunday and we take a peek at these special people we call “grandparents.”

You are loved in the Lord.
Pastor Terry