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This Sunday at Bristol (Palm Sunday) - What Does He See?

This Sunday is Palm Sunday! This is the day that is celebrated as the time Jesus rode into Jerusalem on a donkey to the cheers of the crowds. It also was the beginning of the last week of His earthly life. We might think that the donkey was just a lowly animal, and in some ways it was. The Jews looked at the donkey as animal fit for a King!

God had been very gracious and kind to the nation of Israel for hundreds of years. They would disobey Him and punishment would follow. They would repent and He would restore His blessing. This happened repeatedly.

There does come a time when God’s grace is cut off. This happened to the Jews when they rejected Christ. It will happen to anyone, regardless of their nationality, who continues to spurn the Lord. For the Jewish nation their end came in 70 A.D. when Jerusalem was destroyed (about 600,000 Jews were killed by the Roman soldiers) and the people remaining were scattered. Israel was no longer a nation for hundreds of years until 1948.

This morning our lesson is titled, “What Does He See?” as we focus on the Palm Sunday story found in Luke 19. What did Jesus see when He descended the Mount of Olives and prepared to enter the city? As He looked at the masses of people, what caught His eye? What went through his head and heart? What does Jesus see as He looks at us - as only He can? Does He see people consumed with doing rather than being? Perhaps!

We will look at this intriguing story and see how we fit into the picture.

I am looking forward to seeing you Sunday. Easter season is a great time of the year and the Lord, just a He promised, will meet with us when we come together to worship Him who is alone is worthy!

Remember, you are loved and appreciated!

Pastor Terry

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