This Sunday at Bristol . . . "The Gospel According to an Angel"

This Christmas morning we will conclude the message from the angels that was begun last Sunday. This special message that was spoken to the shepherds on the hillside outside of Bethlehem.

The message was about a Savior who had been born and because of that special birth, hope could be born in us. The “Good News” (Luke 2:10-14) of the Gospel is that because of Jesus we have hope. And hope is certainly a good thing - maybe the best of things.

In this concluding Advent message we will examine why the Gospel is “Good News.” For sure, it is, but why? The angel tell us in clear and uncompromising terms that this Gospel was Good News then and is still Good News today.

Jesus’ purpose in coming to earth was so that one day when we leave earth we can go to Heaven. That is only possible because He was born in Bethlehem.

This special baby born to Mary and Joseph wants to be Savior and King in your life - not just a story about another birth in the Bible. Will you make that happen? Will you open your heart to Him?

I look forward to seeing you on Christmas Sunday.

You are love in Jesus,

Pastor Terry


This Sunday at Bristol . . . "The Gospel According to an Angel"

The story of Christmas stretches from the glory of Heaven (where Jesus left an empty throne) all the way to the resurrection (where Jesus left an empty tomb). He occupied the throne of glory, but He laid aside His glory and came down to become one of us in order to die for our sins. That is what this birth in Bethlehem is all about.

The Apostle Paul expressed the wonder of the incarnation (Jesus becoming human) with these words from Philippians 2, “Christ Jesus . . . being in very nature God, did not consider equality with God something to be grasped, but made himself nothing, taking the very nature of a servant, being made in human likeness. And being found in appearance as a man, he humbled himself and became obedient to death even death on a cross!”

This Sunday we continue with the current Advent series, “Christmas Witness,” with a two-part message that was given by a very special angel to the shepherds on the hillsides. But what is truly amazing is that this message was not just for the shepherds, but for us too, “Fear not: for, behold, I bring you good tidings of great joy, which shall be to all people. For unto you is born this day in the city of David a Savior, which is Christ the Lord.” (Luke 2:10-11)

I look forward to seeing you this Sunday as we explore Christmas from perhaps a vantage point you may not have considered.

Always remember that you are very much loved in the Lord.

Pastor Terry


This Sunday at Bristol . . . “The Real Meaning of Christmas”

Most people believe they know the real meaning of Christmas, but do you think that is true? Ask a friend a work associate, a classmate, a neighbor - someone who celebrates Christmas as to the “why” of Christmas and you will likely get a myriad of responses. That likely would be true even within the church.

This Sunday we begin our annual Advent series this year titled, “Christmas Witness” and we start with a message to help us reach a proper conclusion as to why Christmas is celebrated.

Our assignment, for this first lesson, will be to fill in the blank of the phrase, “____________________ is the reason for the season.” What word would you use to complete the phrase? There are many choices, but only one choice is the best choice. Our next will be Matthew 1:18-21 and John 1:4-5. A careful reading of these verses will help define the real meaning of Christmas.

I look forward to seeing you this Sunday as we explore Christmas from perhaps a vantage point you may not have considered.

Always remember that you are loved in the Lord.

Pastor Terry


This Sunday at Bristol . . . “Fishing and Following Aways Go Together”

Jesus was about one thing - bringing people into a right relationship with God the Father. He could not accomplish the task alone (because He was a man, He was limited as to what He could do alone). So to make this a reality He had to develop a team of followers (we call them disciples) who would learn their “trade” and then assume full responsibility for the mission when He was gone.

They learned well and when Jesus returned to Heaven the message with which they had been entrusted was no longer confined to Palestine, but eventually spread to the entire world.

Jesus is still gone, as are the disciples, and now it is our turn to take the baton which is being passed to us so we can carry the message of love and salvation to our world. There are many people who have not even heard about Jesus (which is hard to believe, but true) so we cannot falter in our responsibility. Jesus tells us that true spiritual fishermen are always followers - the two always go together.

His plan to reach the world started with a band of men - the first ones called to “follow” Him are recorded in Mark 1:16-20. These experienced fishermen would continue fishing, but instead of catching fish, they would catch men (just as Jesus promised).

This Sunday morning we will explore some principles of fishing and I hope you will join me and others at 10:30 as we learn and grow together.

You are deeply loved in the Lord.

Pastor Terry


This Sunday at Bristol . . . "The World's Strongest Man"

This Sunday we continue with the current teaching series, “Highlights from Mark” with a lesson from Mark 3:20-30.

Jesus’ family, mother, brothers, and sisters, was concerned for Him. In fact, a reading of today’s text indicates that they wondered if He was out of His mind. Maybe they believed He had been traveling and teaching too much and needed a break, but instead He kept pushing Himself. More than likely they were not yet willing to recognize Him as the Son of God and therefore did not know His ultimate mission (except His mother).

To make matters even worse there were the religious fanatics, the Pharisees, who went even further and declared Jesus as a servant of Beelzebub. The Jewish people believed Beelzebub was the chief demon and even identified him as Lucifer. That is a really, really strong condemnation.

Since Jesus faced unbelievable criticism from family and religious people (the people who should have supported Him), we should find it as no surprise when we too face criticism. It just goes with the territory of being a Christian.

Jesus uses the opinion of His family and the Pharisees to teach an important lesson about who really is the strongest man in the world. When Jesus faced false accusations and criticism, He never defended Himself. He usually asked some questions of His accusers and then gave an illustration or told a story (parable) that revealed truth. And, that is what He did in Mark 3:20-30. 

From our story for this Sunday we learn is who, without any doubt, is the world’s strongest man.

I look forward to seeing you Sunday. Do not forget that you are truly loved in the Lord.

Pastor Terry

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